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This is a community for TAI fans to share images, audio, video, icons, graphics etc... We are also the first on lj serving as a fullsize community for TAI pictures!

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Post any rare demos or live recordings you got from shows. Share your pictures and videos you took the last time they came to town. You can post any icons you made. If you want to share old TAI TV episodes so kids can download them to their desktop or iPod, that's awesome too. Looking for certain pictures? Ask here. This community also serves as a fullsize type of community so if you have an icon you want fullsized, go ahead and ask :)

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1. No advertising unless it's TAI related.
2. There will be no sharing of anything from a cd... Buy Almost Here and Santi at your local cd store and download the acoustic EP from iTunes. NO MP3 SHARING! The only exception is live songs, tv rips etc.
3. Don't post anything from agency sites such as filmmagic, getty, wireimage etc...
4. If you take a download, comments are always nice.
5. Be nice :)
6. Please check the memories first, there is a great resource list for you to use.

Promoting is awesome... Save any of the banners to your own server and copy the code in the box below the images. Paste the code into your user info and put in the URL where you saved your banner and you're good to go :)

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